An easy to use, affordable software solution for managing your cases, your clients, your schedule, your law office.

TekLaw makes your job easier and more efficient by providing with the latest technology to do all types of legal procedures, replacing your paper-based system with this easy to use organizer. Here are some of its special user-friendly features:

- View many aspects of a case profile easily

- Tracks and alerts you when key dates are coming due

- Protect yourself against malpractice. Daily task list, calendar and pop-ups make it virtually impossible to miss a deadline.

- Integrates with your law firm documents. A powerful new feature that allows you to take any of your MS Word documents, labels, envelopes and merge with TekLaw

- Store comments, notes and other information about each one of your cases

- Easily generate invoices! Use your notes to easily generate invoices which become a permanent part of your records

- Integrates with Outlook (and your PDA). Sync your contacts and calendar. Store incoming Outlook emails directly into specific cases.

- Mass Market to your clients. With TekLaw you can send out emails to a single client, multiple clients or all of them at once

- Conflict checking makes it easy to avoid conflicts of interest

- Track and Report on your accounts receivables

- Record your time on the phone! Pick up the phone, click the button and the timer is running. When you are finished, click the button again and your time is recorded directly into your case

- TekLaw is customizable! Tailor the software to your business by adding your own wording for drop down lists

- Organize client intake questions Our new client intake section lets you customize your own list of questions and is case type specific

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All aspects of a case are located in one place and a simple mouse click away.


Convert your notes into invoices in one easy step.


Reports like this Account Balance report help to monitor your business.


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